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   Fatima and Black 9 (2007)  Fatima and Black 9 (2007)

   Waiting for Jimi (2006)  Waiting for Jimi silkscreen (2006)

   Lunch at the Bush Whitehouse (silkscreen)  Lunch at the Bush Whitehouse (silkscreen) 2005

   Another Damballah Dream (lithograph)  Another Damballah Dream (monoprint) 1999

   Lucky Hand (photograph)  Lucky Hand (photograph) 2003

   Eyes of Legba (monoprint)  Eyes of Legba (monoprint) 2002

   Dance of the Ghedes  Dance of the Ghedes (silkscreen) 2000

   Erzulie (monoprint with sequins)  Erzulie (monoprint with sequins) 2002

   Three Erzulies, Calling (silkscreen)   Three Erzulies, Calling (Detail)  Three Erzulies, Calling (silkscreen) 2004

   Packet Kongo (monoprint)  Packet Kongo (monoprint) 2002

   Burn for Love (silkscreen)  Burn For Love (silkscreen) 2000

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   A Vision I Can't Forget (lithograph)  A Vision I Can't Forget (lithograph) 1999

   Legba Laughed (monoprint)  Legba Laughed (monoprint) 2002

   Oil # 12 (silkscreen)  Oil # 12 (silkscreen) 2004

   From Gun Series (monoprint)  From Gun Series (monoprint) 1998

   The Trickster on his Throne, With Henchmen (lithograph)  The Trickster on his Throne, With Henchmen (lithograph) 1996

   Fatima's Altar (photograph)  Fatima's Altar (photograph) 2002

   Womba Doll (monoprint)  Womba Doll (monoprint) 2002

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