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Readers, Advisors and Storefront Churches

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Readers, Advisors, and Storefront Churches: Renee Stout, a Mid-Career Retrospective

by Michelle A. Owen-Workman, Renee Stout, Stephen Bennett Phillips

Publisher: Belger Art Center for Creative Studies, Unive (November 2003)

Astonishment and Power

Astonishment & Power:
The Eyes of Understanding: Kongo Minkisi /
The Art of Renee Stout

by MacGaffey Wyatt, Michael D. Harris, Sylvia H. Williams, David C. Driskell

Publisher: Smithsonian (May 17, 1993)

Dear Robert, I'll See You at The Crossroads Dear Robert, I'll See You at the Crossroads:
A Project by Renee Stout

by Marla C. Berns, George Lipsitz

Publisher: Univ of California Santa (January 1996)
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